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At the heart of our culinary philosophy lies a commitment to sourcing the finest and freshest plant based ingredients, ensuring that each dish reflects the authenticity and diversity of Mexican cuisine. Our menu is an artfully curated symphony of flavors, including tacos, ceviches, shared plates, entrees, desserts, and crafted cocktails.

Entradas Frias

Smashed Guac (GF) 17
Charred tomatillo salsa, smoked queso fresco, chicharrones, heirloom tortilla chips

Salsa Trio (GF) 18
Heirloom tortilla chips
Charred tomatillo and nopales
Mango habanero
Grilled salsa fresca

Coconut Ceviche (GF) 17
Charred pineapple, serrano, mint, guajillo oil, habanero, lime, heirloom tortilla chips

Tuna Ceviche (GF) 18
Jicama, jalapeño, mango, avocado, creamy leche de tigre, guajillo oil, heirloom tortilla chips

Escabeche (GF) 14
Pickled purple cauliflower, mango, shallot, red jalapeño, grilled nopales

Beet Carpacho (GF) 19
Frisée, shaved jicama, candied pepitas, queso fresco, lemon vinagreta

Entradas Calientes

Elote Asado (GF) 16
Cotija, Sentir spice blend, crema, smoked chili de arbol

Beef Taquitos 17
Charred habanero salsa, avocado mousse, queso fresco

Champiñones Fritos 17
King oyster mushroom, toasted chipotle sauce, avocado mousse, crema

Chicken Quesadilla 19
Flour tortilla, mozzarella, avocado mousse, caviar, pickled onion, cilantro, crema

Three Cheese Empanadas 18
Mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, king oyster mushroom, spicy guava glaze, guajillo powder, cilantro

Arepitas 19
Pulled Chunk Foods™ steak, avocado, cilantro, mozzarella, aji sauce

Dos Tacos

Heirloom corn tortillas

Adobo Oyster Mushroom (GF) 17
Pickled red cabbage, avocado mousse, chipotle, cotija

Pulled Pibil 18
Achiote and citrus braised Chunk Foods™ steak, Yucatecan pickled onion, cotija, habanero, charred tomato salsa

Grilled Lime Chicken (GF) 17
Tomatillo salsa, crema, red onion, radish, crushed chicharrones

Pescado Frito 17
Beer battered banana blossom, corn salsa, radish, avocado mousse, black garlic aioli

Spicy Chorizo (GF) 18
Black bean purée, charred habanero salsa, Yucatecan pickled onion, crema, cilantro


Grilled Chicken Enchiladas 27
Lime marinated chicken, flour tortilla, salsa verde, crema, avocado, cotija, pickled onion
Carne Asada 35
Grilled Chunk Foods™ steak, charred tomatillo salsa, sinaloa rice, jalapeño braised black beans

Chile Relleno (GF) 28
Fire roasted poblano, braised beef, sinaloa rice, queso fresco, tortilla-tomato sauce, avocado, crema, pomegranate, heirloom corn tortilla

Albondigas 27
Braised yolk-filled meatballs, charred habanero salsa, crema, cotija, pickled onion, heirloom corn tortilla
Chicken Mole 29
Sinaloa rice, toasted sesame, aromatic 20-ingredient mole sauce, heirloom corn tortilla

Birria Tacos 24

Slow braised Chunk Foods™ steak, jalapeño, queso fresco, served with a side of adobo consommé

Papas con Chorizo (GF) 29
Housemade chorizo, charred potatoes, white onion, serrano, tomato, cilantro, habanero salsa


Arroz y Frijoles (GF) 12
Jalapeño braised black beans and steamed sinaloa rice

Platanos Maduros (GF) 12
Black bean purée and queso fresco

Charred Papas (GF) 12
Potato, onion, charred tomato salsa, lime zest, guajillo powder, cotija, micro cilantro, chipotle aioli

House Salad (GF) 12
Frisée, tomato, red onion, pickled mango, cilantro, spicy candied pecans, lemon vinagreta


Cinnamon Churros 16
Dulce de leche, hot chocolate, and condensed milk dipping sauces

Chocolate Chili Tart 16
Cayenne infused chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, pecan praline, caramel tuile, flaky salt

Lime Carlota 15
Vanilla crust, cashew lime cream, condensed coconut milk, lime gelee, vanilla wafer crumble

Tres Leches 15
Vanilla sponge cake, mango cream, condensed oat milk, guajillo essence

Signature Ice Cream
Choose 1 for 8 | Choose 3 for 18

Vanilla (GF): Tequila fig preserve
Passion Fruit (GF): Passion fruit jam, crushed macadamia nuts
Corn (GF): Caramel popcorn

Please be advised that our food may contain wheat, soy, seeds, sesame, and nuts. While we’re able to accommodate some dietary restrictions, there may be a chance of cross-contamination


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